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Clusteron....The Future of Super-Computing

Extreme Integration - Advanced cabinet and high-density Beowulf cluster node design with all-inclusive mounting, cabling, and cooling solutions

Extreme Density - 3.6 times as many Intel Xeon ™ based Beowulf cluster nodes in a room as with as standard rack. Click here for detailed information on the density of the Clusteron...

Extreme Performance - Utilize highest speed dual Intel Xeon ™ processor nodes at FULL LOAD 24/7

Extreme Cooling - Hexa-Side ™ cabinet cooling and Quadra-Side ™ node cooling provide a wide operating temperature margin for optimum reliability of the Intel Xeon ™ processors and the overall system. A neccesity for a high-density solution

The high-density Beowulf cluster nodes featured in this website have been optimized for dual Intel Xeon ™ processor based Beowulf clustering configurations.

10U cabinet pictured here

10U cabinet pictured here

• Patent pending Hexa-Side™ cabinet cooling technology
• Patent pending Quadra-Side™ chassis cooling technology
• Integrated air filtration front and bottom
• Warm air exhaust via right side, rear and top of cabinet.
• Forced air flow through the cabinet prevents high temperature saturation
• Air dampers for each chassis maintain proper airflow when a node is removed
• Integrated electrical load center
• Integrated circuit breaker power distribution
• Integrated cable management system
• Integrated cabinet top wire trough
• Cabinet top or bottom cable routing
• Integrated remote power monitoring module optional
• Integrated remote temperature monitoring module optional
• Integrated remote system management optional
• Integrated chassis slide mounts provided as standard equipment
• Most technologically advanced cabinet on the market
• Casters and leveling feet supplied as standard equipment
• Ventilated locking front door as standard equipment
• 24”W x 24”D cabinet footprint
• 19”W x 18”D node footprint
• Dual Intel Xeon™ systems 2.8GHz and beyond
• Dual AMD Athlon™ systems 2200MP and beyond

5 Standard racks in a 10' by 12' room.

18 CCSI Clusteron™ racks in the same 10' by 12' room. 3.6x times as many in the same space!

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